Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Pictures.

I found some old lala pictures of myself as I was browsing through my old pictures :D

It was two or three years ago I guess.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rangers Fairwell Party (Halloween)

Rangers fairwell party was a blast ! The form 4's did a great job.So did we.They tried their best to decorate the place.And we tried our best to decorate ourselves.Their decoration was really good.It gave me the creeps when I first entered Corrine's house.There was also worms and cockroaches which are alive in a lot of containers.Had a lot of pictures and syok sendiri sessions.As usual :D Then then then, it's time to EAT.

After some time,we had a story telling session.Ghost stories time.First I was so excited to listen to their stories.But then after some time,I was scared.

Ohhhhkayyyyy then i dont know what to write,Bye.

Thanks Mabel :)

Alrights,I'm very lazy to upload pictures already.That's all I'll upload :D

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello back again.

Whoa it's been a real long time ever since I blogged and also read others blogs.So it's pretty dead right now,in fact,very dead.I was about to delete my blogspot account actually.But nah,i decided to keep it.Now i'm going to activate it again !
Okay anyway,I have a new puppy in my house.It's my uncle's actually but i'm keeping it for this moment.It's sooo small that my fist is bigger than it's head.So adorable Awwwwww.But it's uber annoying cause it'll scream in the morning,afternoon,evening,night and in the middle of the night for god knows what reason.Basically it's making noise all the time,even now.Okay maybe will stop for like 10 minutes?Then we'll hear him scream again Urgh.
Btw,i'll be going to Rangers Fairwell Party later.Cant wait :) Hope it's gonna be fun&happening.I think it will.Lol.Will blog about tonight soon :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

All I want is just to forget about it,please.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Final Destination 4.

Saturday,went to watch Final Destination 4 with Praveent.Awesome!But one thing,all the Final Destination movies are of the same beginning and ending.The story lines are all the same.Oh well,it's still nice though.I am a Final Destination fan ;) Bobby Campo is so freaking hot.His body is so Woohoo.
After movie we went for sticker pictures.I always love sticker pictures session.It was really funny,especially with the crazy guy with me.Hmm,then went to kids section.It had been quite long since I went there.The Mr.Chelvam recommended us to go there.Haha, :D

I notice you always take picture with your eyes half opened.

Ohkay,then it's time to go homie.I had a really enjoyable day.Feeling guilty though.Everyone is preparing for Add Maths or Biology,and what I was doing?Happily watching movie and loafing around :/